Caregivers receive a Health Alert on their smartphone if your loved one….


Registered an irregular heartbeat via the ECG feature

Is not adherent with their medication regimen

Registered a blood oxygen level below 92% via the blood oxygen feature

Remote Patient Monitoring by Your Physician (Paid by Medicare/Medicaid)

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What Our Customers Say


Jack Cannizzaro - Age 90

"I’m still very active. I love wearing the watch because I know I can just press 911 on the watch to call 911 and my daughter is alerted. This makes us both feel much safer."

Michael Carr

Michael Carr – Age 70

"Works wonderful. It’s everything that they said it would do. I recommended it to friends."

Adrienne Reonieri

Adrienne Reonieri - Age 87

"This watch is beautiful. It enables me and my son to monitor my glucose levels."

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