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More than a watch – It’s peace of mind

Health Management Made Simple

HealthAssist is an application embedded into a Samsung Galaxy watch that reminds your love one to take their medications, schedule medical exams, while tracking heart rate and physical activity. Need 911 or to notify a caretaker? They just push a button!

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Medication Management Will Never
Be A Struggle Again

Peace of mind on your loved one’s wrist

HealthAssist tracks your loved one’s adherence to their medication regimen. If it falls below 80%, a threshold known as medication non-adherence, you will know. The HealthAssist Web Companion provides the ability to update and make changes to medication reminders and you can add personal reminders such as .. “It’s Mom’s Birthday Today”

Awesome Features

Heart Rate Tracking

Heart rates captured hourly and monthly report to caregiver

Activity Level Tracking

Daily activity tracked and monthly report to caregiver

Stress Level Tracking

Stress events captured monthly report to caregiver

Fall Detection

Stress events captured monthly report to caregiver

Medical Remainders

Watch wearer receives remainders when it is time to take their medications.

Bluetooth Capability

Blood pressure & scale devices supported and monthly report to caregiver

Distress Messages

One press to call to 911 and notify the caregiver

Long-Lasting Battery Life (3-4 Days)

One press to call to 911 and to notify the caregiver.

Caregivers & Family Members
Love HealthAssist

peace of mind

Peace of Mind

peace of mind

Easy Monitoring

easy monitoring

Stress Free

More than a watch. It’s peace of mind

Rest easy knowing your loved one has help staying on top of their health by monitoring and
sending remainders to take medications, refill prescriptions, and schedule medical exams.

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